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Microbiology - Ehrlichiosis (UW 3247)
Mobeen Syed, MD - 2018-09-27 16:52:04

Human monocytic ehrlichiosis

• Transmitted by tick vector (lone star tick)

• Seen in southeastern & south central United States

Clinical Manifestations

• Flu-like illness (high fever, headache, myalgias, chills)

• Neurologic symptoms (confusion)

• Rash is uncommon (<30% in adults) ("Rocky Mountain spotted fever without the spots")

Lab Findings

• Leukopenia & t hrombocytopenia
• Elevated liver enzymes & lactate dehydrogenase


• Intracytoplasmic morulae in monocytes
• Polymerase chain reaction testing for E chaffeensis/E ewingii


• Empiric doxycycline while awaiting confirmatory testing